Annual YEN International Summit

As the paramount event on the YEN calendar, the Annual YEN International Summit congregates members from all chapters to participate in the four-day conference. Headlining prominent presenters and speakers from a wide-range of industries and spheres of influence, it also offers a rare opportunity for our entire membership pool to interact and establish far-reaching friendships and networks.

Chapter Retreat

Based on the model of the International Summit, each chapter also conducts their own three-day Chapter Retreat. With the added focus of interactive workshops and team-building challenges, we remove our members from standard settings and formal interactions to foster a deeper sense of cohesion between members.


Study Groups

Continuous learning is the cornerstone of adaptive and effective leadership. Through regular Study Groups hosted by each respective chapter, YEN provides a valuable platform for members to broaden their perspectives.

HK 1108 study group_05

Open House

Invitational events hosted by each chapter for prospective members to better understand core values YEN and to partake and experience in the functions of our organization.